Microfiber – What It’s Made Of

Shwamee™ brand microfiber is a composite material formed by combining polyester and polyamide (nylon), usually in a ratio of around 70%-80% polyester and 20%-30% polyamide. The fibers are incredibly thin – about 10 microns in diameter, or 25 times thinner than a human hair – and super-soft so they never scratch the surface you are cleaning.

In manufacturing the material for cleaning applications, the fiber is split which forms a distinct edge and microscopic gaps, or pockets, in between the composite materials, as shown in the diagrams to the right.

Why It Cleans So Well

These pockets in the fiber trap microscopic particles of dirt, grease and grime and hold onto them – giving Shwamee microfiber it’s dust magnet properties and allowing the material to hold as much as seven times it’s weight in water.

With a microscopic edge scraping up the dirt and oil, and super-strong holding properties keeping it in the cloth, you can see why Shwamee™ brand microfiber cleaning cloths are such power-cleaning miracles.