Use and Care


Tablet PC Use

Shwamee™ cleaning cloths do a superb job of keeping the screens of your latest technical gadget smudge-free, especially the newest super-shiny tablet PC screens. Normal use of a tablet PC involves constantly touching the screen, quickly transferring smudge and grime which makes it tough to see clearly and has an impact on your stylus performance. Dry or damp with just a little water, a Shwamee™ cleaning cloth will safely wipe away the smudges, grime, fingerprints, etc. that accumulate on these screens without any scratching, damage or lint-bombs. Stow one in your laptop bag and use it on every device you have for crystal-clear viewing.

Household Use

Shwamee™ cleaning cloths work dry or damp to clean any hard surface – glass, mirrors, stainless steel, countertops, etc. The tougher the job, the more likely you’ll want to use a little water, but remember that what you need is just barely damp, not wet.

We’ve found that the best way to get the moisture level right is to use a Shwamee™ FineMist Spray Bottle (available in our online store), but if you don’t have one available, just get your hands wet under a faucet and then dry them off with your Shwamee™. Repeat the process one more time, and unless you have really small hands, you’ll probably be all set to tackle anything.

Automotive Use

Shwamee™ cleaning cloths are great for your car. Keep one in your trunk with a spray bottle of water for quickly taking care of random splashes of mud and muck, or for wiping off that mysterious interior windshield film gunk.

You can also give your car a complete wipe-down with your Shwamee™ to spruce it up and extend the time between washings. When cleaning your car, you may need a little extra dampness in your Shwamee™, especially if the surface is warm from the sun, which will dry the cloth out more quickly (another great reason to have a spray bottle handy).

Word of Warning

One thing to keep in mind is that the power of the Shwamee™ is in the way it picks up microscopic particles of dirt and oil and just doesn’t let them go. Keep this in mind when cleaning your home – if you go from dry dusting to damp wiping with the same Shwamee™ you are very likely going to smear a bunch of gunk onto whatever you are trying to clean. Best to rinse or wash your Shwamee™ in between, or to have more than one available for different jobs.

This is equally important when cleaning your car’s exterior. Once you’ve cleaned a particularly nasty mess off your paint, you should avoid using the same Shwamee™ again on your car until you’ve had a chance to wash it or at least rinse it out, so that something you cleaned off doesn’t end up scratching or marring the surface.

Care and Maintenance

Your Shwamee™ brand microfiber cleaning cloth can be hand- or machine-washed repeatedly and will still retain all of its power-cleaning properties.

The easiest way to clean your Shwamee™ quickly – and a great way to see just how much crud it’s picking up – is to rinse it thoroughly in the sink. After you marvel at the nasty black water and get your gag reflex under control, ring the cloth out as much as possible and hang it up to air-dry.


When machine-washing and drying, there are just a few rules to remember.

  • Wash in warm or cool water only – the incredibly thin fiber of the material can’t take extended exposure to high temperatures.
  • Do not use fabric softener – the substance particles will catch in the microfibers and clog up the cloth, hampering its performance.