$ 0.99 - $ 3.99Eyeglass Cloth

Vendor: Shwamee Brands  Type: Shwamees

The Shwamee™ Eyeglass Cloth is just like the Original Shwamee™, only white, and a lot smaller, and the material is a little more silky. But clean your specs with one of these babies and you’ll be spotting dimes from across the room. They are also perfect for keeping mobile phone, PDA, and handheld game console screens fingerprint-free.

Available in White, Shwamee™ Eyeglass Cloths are 6 x 7 inches and are machine washable in cool water..

The Shwamee online store is closed. Bulk orders (20+ units) are still available as we clean out inventory. Please call 904-638-4639 for more information.