$ 5.99 - $ 23.99Face Cloth

Vendor: Shwamee Brands  Type: Shwamees

The Shwamee™ Face Cloth is silky-smooth, pleasantly cool, and will remove makeup, oil and dirt from your face without soap or cleansers. It dries hard so it won’t promote mold or bacteria growth.

Rinse after use and when it’s really gunked up just throw it in the wash to clean it up.

Compare to similar products from Aveda and Sephora priced $9 – $12.

Available in White, Shwamee™ Face Cloths are 9×9 inches and are machine washable in cool water.

The Shwamee online store is closed. Bulk orders (20+ units) are still available as we clean out inventory. Please call 904-638-4639 for more information.