$ 3.49 - $ 13.99Original Shwamee™

Vendor: Shwamee Brands  Type: Shwamees

The Original Shwamee™ cleaning cloth is a heavy-duty, high performance microfiber cleaning cloth. Dry or damp, it cleans hard surfaces like windows, mirrors and your car exterior effortlessly.

Shwamee™ brand microfiber cleaning cloths are thicker and denser, and thus more durable and longer-lasting than other microfiber products on the market. They are environmentally friendly and economical, replacing roll after roll of paper towels and bottle after bottle of glass cleaner.

Available in Blue or Yellow, Original Shwamees™ are 16 x 16 inches and are machine washable in cool water.

The Shwamee online store is closed. Bulk orders (20+ units) are still available as we clean out inventory. Please call 904-638-4639 for more information.