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$ 5.49

Touchscreen 2-Pack

The smudges and fingerprints on your shiny new iPad are no match for the cleaning power of a Shwamee™ Touchscreen Cleaning Cloth. Made of durable and long-lasting microfiber terry like our Original Shwamee™, but in a new handy size (9 x 9 inches) for carrying with you, these cloths make...

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$ 5.99 - $ 23.99

Face Cloth

The Shwamee™ Face Cloth is silky-smooth, pleasantly cool, and will remove makeup, oil and dirt from your face without soap or cleansers. It dries hard so it won’t promote mold or bacteria growth. Rinse after use and when it’s really gunked up just throw it in the wash to clean...

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$ 7.99

Cleaning Kit

The Cleaning Kit includes two Original Shwamee™ Cleaning Cloths and a FineMist Spray Bottle. The Original Shwamee™ cleaning cloth is a heavy-duty, high performance microfiber cleaning cloth. Dry or damp, it cleans hard surfaces like windows, mirrors and your car exterior effortlessly. The ultra-fine misting sprayers on these bottles deliver...

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